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HONEY BEE BEARS font pack is for the "5.00 X 7.00" AND 4.00" X 4.00" hoop. The design pack contains 52 designs of HONEY BEE BEARS letters. Just think of all the really cute designs you can stitch on your little ones clothes, backpacks, room decor, wall hangings and etc. This font set has a matching HONEY BEE BEARS design pack that will go with the letters. 

  **THE 4.90" SIZES OF THIS DESIGN PACK WILL FIT A 5.00" X 7.00" HOOP, THE 4.00" SIZE WILL FIT A 4.00" X 4.00" HOOP.**

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This font pack includes:
26 - 3.90" UPPER CASE letters
26 - 4.90" UPPER CASE letters



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